Platinum Deluxe Firm

Platinum Series | Posture Dream Spring

Ultimate Support & Comfort for the Guest

Posture Dream Spring is designed to incorporate high technology that provides superior comfort, support and correct spinal alignment when you sleep. It will detect weight and movement of your body while you sleep, then adjusts to provide correct spinal alignment. Great for your guests back and body, providing a surplus combination of comfort and support.

Product Description

Product Details: Platinum Deluxe Firm (10 Inches)
– EuroTop
– Soft Quilt Foam
– Dream Fiber
– Convoluted Foam
– High Performance Foam
– Insulation Felt

Mattress | Base Dimension (Inch)
Mattress Height: 10
Base/Box Height: 9
Castors/Legs: 3
Total Height: 22


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