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Pocket Spring Beds

DreamMaster’s Pocket Spring mattresses spread weight evenly allowing two sleepers of different weights to get the necessary support needs.

They also significantly reduce motion transfer across the bed which ensures undisturbed sleep. Pocket spring layers provide each of the seven zones of the body (head, shoulders, back, hips, lower back, thighs and lower legs) optimum support to help the spine stay i the proper position and be fully-supported all night long.

SuperTech Spring Beds

Offering firm back support, our Offset Spring range uses European technology, perfectly distributing weight across the entire sleeping area and maintaining the mattress shape throughout its operational life. The super strong square spring increases the surface support area and maximises the bond between the springs. This results in springs that are virtually immobile, preventing the mattress from collapsing in years to come.

Made of high-tensile carbon, the non-sag could have been treated for anti-fatigue to give you a long-life mattress.


DreamTech Spring Beds

DreamTech Springs are the most common and widely used spring systems. DreamTech Spring is a knotted, round-top, hourglass-shaped steel wire coil. When laced together with cross wire helical, these could form the simples innerspring unit. Offering firm back support, our DreamTech Spring range uses European technology, perfectly distributing weight across the entire sleeping area and maintaining the mattress share throughout its operational life.

PostureDream Spring Beds

The latest trends in springs worldwide are the POSTURE DREAM SPRINGS which are much more Hi-Tech in the way that they are produced and in their quality.

Is is much more versatile, firmer and has a much higher spring count per mattress than normal springs, enabling it to distribute the weight of the user and giving them outstanding support and firmness for deep sleep.



Box Spring Base

Beauty is in the eye of the sleeper. Our divans provide a flexible, responsive platform so that the mattress springs cant respond to individual body weight, shape and size. Box spring bases are constructed from the fines quality kiln-fried timber, glued and screwed for life-long rigidity and strength. The base has its own offset unit with upholstery layers to provide absolute support. The Box Spring acts as a shock absorber relieving the mattress of abuse and allowing it to maintain a longer comfort life.

Module Box Spring Base

This unique foundation is a geometrically formed unit constructed in a series of high strength gauge levels and torsion bar designed to provide a specific loaf deflection characteristic for optimum sleep set performance. The unit is designed with specialised centre and corner firmness modules varying in number by size of the foundation. The unit is topped by Auto Motion grid Foundation of heavy gauge, welded steel rods to assure maximum firmness.